Organic notebooks

organic notebooks-claire van heukelomclaire van heukelom organic notebooks

Organic notebooks / I worked with Zintenz to create a set of two organic notebooks. The softcover notebooks are made from recycled paper and are printed 100% ecological. So head over to the Zintenz Shop and treat yourself!

The love-me bird

the love-me bird

Spiritual illustration of the love-me bird / Have you ever read the sweet story of a small bird who will go to any lengths to find a love. The love-me bird decides to change her tune to ‘I love you’, and the love-me bird finally find true love. Aurora Concepts made an online publication out of it and asked me to make an illustration in her beloved pastels and with a spiritual twist.

Christmas card collection

christmas card collection
silent night christmas card
christmas card rumi

Christmas card collection / I have illustrated a small collection of Christmas cards for Zintenz, publisher of post cards with beautiful words. The Christmas card collection in bright colours shows mistletoe, a little Christmas song Silent Night and words of wisdom from Rumi. These words are beautiful and is so true, especially in the world we live in now. The Christmas cards can be ordered at Perfect for the Holidays!

Hand lettered stickers

hand lettered stickerhand lettered stickerhand lettered sticker    hand lettered sticker

Hand lettered stickers for on your window or wall / What better way to get up in the morning, to open your curtains and begin your day with some beautiful words! The hand lettered stickers for on your window or wall (of course you can put them on the walls if you’d like) are made in collaboration with Zintenz. If you want to start your day in a good way, the stickers can be ordered here: zinnigeverhalen.


calendar 2016

Calendar / The year calendar is now available! It was so nice to work with the Vila Malina and to make this illustrated calendar for the new year. Vila Malina is a lovely online shop with a great collection of paper goods.

magnets and flower cards

magnets and flower cards

Magnets & flower cards/ The collection of Claire Postkaarten is extended by nice magnets and small flower cards to hang on a bouquet of flowers or a present! If you want to give yourself or a friend a little present then you can order the magnets and flower cards here:

illustration for Flair

illustration for Flair Magazine

Seize the day / The Dutch magazine Flair gives each week a give-away to it’s readers. You can find an illustration on the opening page to cut out, frame and hang on the wall. This time with my illustration ‘seize the day’!

editorial illustrations for Ouders van Nu

editorial illustration for Ouders van Nu
editorial illustration for Ouders van Nu
editorial illustration for Ouders van Nu

editorial illustration for Ouders van Nueditorial illustration for Ouders van Nu

Belly-zilla / The Dutch magazine Ouders van Nu published in it’s latest issue an article about the pregnant life and times of a ‘belly-zilla’ for which I made the editorial illustrations.

spiritual book club

spiritual book club

Spiritual book club / Commissioned by Donata van Rassel I made an illustration for the spiritual book club, an initiative of Aurora Concepts.  Small groups come together and select and discuss publications like ones from Eckhart Tolle, Penney Peirce, with the meaning to inspire each other.