Claire Postkaarten in the shops!

Claire Postkaarten in the shops

Claire Postkaarten / The Claire Postkaarten post card collection is now available in shops in The Netherlands and Germany! A lovely organic shop called Biowinkel de Zonnestraal in The Hague also sells the post card collection. The shop sells organic products, has a wide collection of beautifully packaged teas (very nice to give to yourself as a gift) and has delightful home made quiches!

mural for yogastudio kleverpark

mural for yogastudio kleverpark

Mural/ When Helene Kissels of Yogastudio Kleverpark asked me to make an illustration for a mural in her new yoga studio I didn’t need much thought about that! The yoga studio is situated in a quiet neighborhood of Haarlem and besides yoga lessons in the studio, Helene also teaches yoga on the beach of Zandvoort.

new post card collection

C13new post card collection

New post card collection/ As of March a new collection of post cards is launched on the Dutch and German market under the name Claire Postkaarten. The publisher of the post card collection is Zintenz, they are specialised in post cards with beautiful words. The post cards are now presented at several fairs. I cannot wait for them to be printed and presented in the specially designed displays! Oh, not unimportant to mention, the post cards are printed 100% organic on recycled paper.


bureau jeugdzorg

Suburbia / Illustration for foldout brochure for Bureau Jeugdzorg (pitch)

yogi post card

yogiyogi post card

Yogi / The post card with yogi and the 7 chakra’s is soon available in the shop (blank back, including envelope).